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27 August 2012 @ 04:40 pm
  I've been sitting here for a half hour, just looking at my laptop screen and trying to think of what to write. Because it's been like a month since I last updated and a lot of shit has been happening. I just don't really know where to start.   

Okay, first of all. The week after I came back from the Gaeltacht, I had my debs. The debs is pretty much the Irish version of the prom and it's basically just one last drunken night out for the Leaving Certs before going to college. No, I'm not finished school yet but I was able to go to the debs because I did transition year so that put me a year behind them. Not that I care since most of them are dumbasses. Anyways it was a pretty fun day. A lot of people I thought weren't that friendly were so so nice. Mostly because they were all very drunk but whatever. My friends and I didn't get drunk because we are angels tbh. I was supposed to go with my best guy friend who I used to have a crush on but he decided not to go because he thought it was too expensive. smh. The event was 12 hours long, apparently and we didn't get home until 7am the next morning. It was really funny seeing everyone so hungover. Even though on the bus home the lad sitting in front of me started puking and the puke started flowing down my way.

This may not seem like big news to you lbr who's even reading this but it was to me. I got my ears pierced. You see, I have this ridiculously big fear of needles or anything sharp thanks to an incident with a wasp when I was 7 so I never wanted to get my ears pierced. But then I finally did when my manipulative sister Elaine forced me to. I only have to wear those earrings for 2 more weeks and then I can wear whatever ones I want. Yay!!!

I had a crush. On my "friend" (or aquaintence? i don't know) Gearoid from the Gaeltacht. Aka the guy who gave good hugs. I'm not sure how I started liking him? But anyways, he called me sexy in one of my pictures on Facebook and he told me he missed me. Sigh good times. But he lives in Donegal which is like 2 hours away from me so it would never work. And now I've pretty much gotten over him now because nothing will ever happen between us tbh. So that's that.

I started and finished Downton Abbey seasons 1 and 2! This is an achievement for me because I hardly ever finish tv shows. Ugh seriously, it's so addictive. Sybil is my favourite character, she's absolutely perfect. Also Sybil/Branson? OT motherfucking P. I haven't seen the Christmas Special because it's an hour and a half long, I ain't got time for that kinda shit.

Anyways that's it I guess? Wow, not a lot of news if you think about it now. Tomorrow I go back to school but technically I don't ~officially start until Wednesday. I'm going into Leaving Cert which means that I have work hard and stuff. Yay working :/ But I'm in a mentor group for the first years coming in, so that means basically a free day tomorrow since all we'll be doing is playing games. Yay!