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25 July 2012 @ 05:17 pm
Coisir i Connemara  
For the past 3 weeks, I was away in Connemara (aka the west of Ireland) for a little old thing called the gaeltacht. This was where everyone had to speak Irish for the whole time with no internet. If you noticed I wasn't around LJ (lbr, I never really am except to spam Oh No They Didn't with Jeremy Renner gifs), Twitter or Tumblr, that was why.

On July 1st, I went to the gaeltacht. My laptop also slightly broke that same day but I'll get into it later. It was bloody fucking awkward at first. I'm actually awful at Irish so I found it hard to converse with anyone. Also, I couldn't go braless at all in the mornings. Not okay. At all.

Eventually I made friends with all the girls in the house I was staying in and realized I live about 10 minutes away from 3 of the girls. One of them doesn't like me too much though so maybe I won't try and meet up with them ever. 

We had classes every day except on a Sunday and they were boring as fuck. I practically fell asleep in them all because grammar in Irish is just..... yeah, I won't get into it. 

There were also a LOT of hot guys at the gaeltacht but it sucked because there were about 80 boys compared to 120 girls. Dumb. I also started shifting (I hate that word so much, fucking Ireland. But anyways I started kissing) this lad from Dublin named Eoin. I really liked him and I'm pretty sure he liked me too but y'know, he lives about 3 hours away so it would never work.

Look how cute we were!!! sobs
Gaeltacht 2012 157

Anyways, every night we had a fucking céili. That was where everyone did different types of set dancing and Irish dancing. I'm not entirely what they were called but my favourite one was An Dreoilín, because the version we learned there was really really cheesy so every time the song came on, we did the more inappropriate version which involved trusting. Sinead likey.

Some nights we had themed céilis, which yeah, were okay. But some of the themes were awful, eg. 80's, Hawaiian, Couples. The couples céili was just.. terrible though. Everyone in each house had to pick a name of a celebrity or fictional character out of a hat and dress up like that celebrity. Then they'd have to look for that celebrity/character's significant other at the céili. You're probably wondering who I got. I got..... Kim Kardashian. Kim fucking Kardashian of all people?! Embarrassing, especially since I had to stuff my butt with like three t-shirts so I'd have a big ass.

This was me as Kim Kardashian and my Kanye West (or as he preferred, Kanye East)
Gaeltacht 2012 010
(Yes, I may have gone mad on the bronzer...)

There were also a couple of talent competitions. The first was a song contest where each house had to write their own version of popular songs. Our house did Hey Soul Sister by Train and I'm definitely fed up of it by now. We got 3rd place for that song because our totally awesome cinnire Áine wrote the lyrics for us. The other competition was a talent contest. Let's just say that didn't go too well. We didn't start planning until the day before it so one of the girls in my house, Dee, wrote a poem. It was actually amazing. Also, somehow the other girls managed to get me to sing on my own without music. I had to sing Your Song in Irish and I didn't know the lyrics by the time the competition was starting so I had to bring lyrics on stage. I made a few mistakes and kept shaking and afterwards I ran to the toilet to cry. Awks. To put it lightly, we did horribly and did not win.

Last but certainly not least, I made so many amazing friends. Some that I hope I keep for a long long time. Here are pictures because this post is dumb.

Gaeltacht 2012 138
Gaeltacht 2012 171
Gaeltacht 2012 175
(omg okay so when I went to the gaeltacht I really didn't expect to see nearly an exact lookalike of Lucas from Pretty Little Liars and it's okay now because Gearoid is my new best friend who gives the best hugs okay back to picspam)

Gaeltacht 2012 177
Gaeltacht 2012 176
(sobs because Áine more like cinnire is fearr)

Gaeltacht 2012 129

I'll miss you, teach 15.
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prince charmingdavidnolan on July 25th, 2012 06:53 pm (UTC)
THIS LOOKS FUN! is it like a camp thing? you are cute btw and i hope you keep in touch with some of the people you met
sinead not o'connorsheriffgraham on July 26th, 2012 08:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's kind of a summer camp thing. It was a lot of fun and thank you!! you're cuter <33